Christmas cake


There are so many symbols associated with christmas: xmas trees, snow, santa claus, cheerily wrapped gifts, candles and plenty of food. In my mind, rum cakes are irrevocably associated with this holiday. Growing up, I remember my parents’ friends coming over every christmas eve with homemade wine and a dark, flavorful cake that we looked forward to so eagerly! I decided this year to try my hand at this cake and although it didn’t taste exactly the same as the ones from my childhood, it was still super tasty.

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Healthy chocolate cake


New year resolutions! They drive people to do the craziest things….I resolved at the start of 2013 to start a food blog, but despite repeated attempts, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I baked dozens of cakes and cooked scores of dishes to this end, but none made it to the blog. Now, as 2013 draws to a close, I think its time to finally check this off my list….

I found the recipe for this chocolate cake on epicurious and its a keeper! Its soft and moist with a rich chocolate flavor, the coffee adds depth to the chocolate and the olive oil keeps it moist through the long baking time. I replaced the all purpose flour in the original recipe with whole wheat for a healthier version and the cake was none the worse for it. The recipe is super forgiving and I find myself coming back to it anytime I’m looking for a quick chocolate fix.

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